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Since 2009, wireless headphone systems have triggered innovation and resolved all kinds of problems in the fitness industry. We provide complete solutions for all kinds of clients from start ups, to established gyms, luxury resorts and outdoor wireless fitness groups. Our packages will give you a starting point that you can tailor for your exact needs. We also have information on our blogs and FAQ’s, and would be delighted to speak to you on the phone.

Here are some of the things Personal Trainers, fitness classes and Gym owners love about our wireless headphone systems:

Use Anywhere
Our system can literally be used anywhere, indoor or out. Our range includes compact rechargeable transmitters that can send music and speech to nearby participants.
Complete Speaker Replacement

You can use wireless headphone systems instead of speakers. No need to buy speakers and amps, or figure out storage and installation.

We've used this system on consecutive years to provide over 5000 headphones to Glastonbury Festival. Up to 200m outdoor coverage gives you the knowledge that the system can cover your studio!

Keep playing music the way you are comfortable with. Our wireless fitness systems can connect to iPod, Phone, Laptop, CD, TV, DJ, DVD or pretty much anything you’re likely to play music from. Just connect to the 3.5mm or RCA phono outputs, cables included.

Easy to Set Up

Get it done in 60 seconds. Power up, supply music, switch headphones on, Start the class. Our rechargeable system only needs 1 cable connection to play music.

As word gets around, you might find more and more people coming to your classes. You can add on extra headphones whenever you need to, even try different models. It all works together instantly.

Block out External Noise

Whether it’s builders, schools, bands or other fitness classes, external noise can ruin your class. With a wireless headphone system it’s no longer an issue.

The comfortable ear pads help block out audible distractions so your class can really get in the zone. Everyone has their own volume control when it needs to be pumped up a bit more.

We’ve heard countless stories of angry neighbours who are less than enthusiastic about hearing fitness classes through the walls or late at night. Wireless headphones mean Silent Fitness classes, so no noise pollution. Take your class when and how you want, and keep everyone happy.

Multiple Channels, Classes or Music

The multiple channels on Over Ear wireless headphone systems mean you can offer clients a choice of different playlist - up to 4 at once. You could stream music across the whole gym, and people can choose which playlist channel they prefer to listen to by simply pressing the select button on their headphones.

Over Ear wireless headphones can accommodate up to 4 simultaneous audio channels, which could each host a class. For example you’ve started your class with a transmitter and 10 headphones using the red channel. Half an hour later your buddy starts another class next to you. He can set up a second transmitter and 10 headphones on the green channel. Each pair of headphones can even switch between the 2 classes if they want. You can repeat the same process with blue and yellow channels for a maximum of 4.

Wireless Headphone Fitness Clients?

Our wireless headphones are keeping people spinning across the world, from London to Lake Garda and Los Angeles. Spin anywhere, turn it up as loud as you want and avoid disturbing anyone.

Over Ear systems are at the heart of the current outdoor wireless fitness phenomenon. Classes now take place in parks across London, UK, Europe and the USA. Clients love them because you can bring fitness classes back to nature, and change locations whenever you want. Personal Trainers love them because classes can take place in free space - no hall or gym hire fees.

Leading retreats and luxury spas in some of the world’s most idyllic locations are now incorporating wireless headphones for yoga, mindfulness and meditation. The comfortable Over Ear design blocks out external distraction to improve focus and getting lost in the moment.

Our systems have enabled running groups to enjoy the same soundtrack as they run together, and walking tours to engage in commentary via wireless headphones. Wireless headphone systems are a great way to share audio outdoors.

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  • Basic Wireless Fitness System

    Replace an existing speaker system.
    The Basic Fitness System includes:
    • 10 x Joe Headphones
    • 1 x Parakeet Beltpack Transmitter
    • 1 x Charge Pack
    • 1 x Box
    • 1 x Ear Pad Covers
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    Starting at: £504.87 Excl. Tax

  • Medium Wireless Fitness System

    Completely wireless solution for fitness sessions
    The Medium Wireless Fitness System includes:
    • 20 x Joe Headphones
    • 1 x Parakeet Beltpack Transmitter
    • 1 x Charge Pack
    • 1 x Box
    • 2 x Ear Pad Covers
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    Starting at: £794.77 Excl. Tax

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