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Family Pack

The Over Ear Family Pack allows 4 people to listen together to the same thing on the included wireless headphones.
Enjoy a film, a playlist or play games together without disturbing neighbours.

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The Over Ear Family Pack includes.

  • 4 x Folding wireless Headphones (Bob)
  • 1 x Transmitter for sending music/sound (Donkey)
  • 8 x AAA Batteries
  • 1 x Cable Pack (power/audio)

What does it do?

The Over Ear Family Pack allows 4 people to listen together to the same thing on the included wireless headphones. Connect the transmitter to an audio output (like an iPod or DVD player). The headphones automatically detect the signal. The package includes cables and everything you need to connect 1 channel of audio and 4 wireless headphones to listen on.

Simple Setup

Plug in music and power. Switch on the headphones. Enjoy No complicated configuration. It just works out of the box.

Multi Channel compatible

By adding extra transmitters, you can send multiple audio signals at the same time. For example you could connect to a DVD player and an iPod. Each headphone user can choose whether to listen to the film or the music. You can use up to 4 channels at once.

Replaces Speakers

Often used as a direct replacement for traditional systems, the family pack provides a complete audio solution. Perfect in situations where you can’t use speakers (late at night, baby asleep etc); where you need portability; where speakers are impractical (i.e. listening to 2 or more different things in the same room at the same time) or where headphones are just more fun.

Great Coverage

Outdoor transmission range can exceed 100m so you can listen uninterrupted across a large area or in different rooms. Range can be affected by walls and structures and may vary.

Universal Audio Connectivity

The Family Pack can connect to all sorts of devices - iPods, laptops, Phones, DJs, DVD players, Bands, Playstations - pretty much anything with an audio output (3.5mm headphone socket or RCA connections)

No Streaming Limits

Unlike Bluetooth systems which can only connect to 1 or 2 headphones, the family pack allows you to connect literally thousands of headphones and receivers at once.

Futureproof Easy Expansion

Add extra transmitters or headphones anytime. Up to 4 Donkeys and unlimited headphones all work together instantly. No configuration needed.

Compatible with Over Ear headphones

Your choice of receiver including headphones (such as Bob and Harry) or Ned the belt pack receiver .You can mix and match and connect as many of each type as you want.

Ideal For Camping

Watch movies or listen to music till late without disturbing your neighbours.

Great for Kids

Had enough of listening to Frozen or Fifa?

Connect this family pack and enjoy the silence as the sound is sent wirelessly through the headphones.

Perfect for TV

Need it a bit louder? Everyone gets to choose their own listening volume when using this wireless headphone system.

Professional Quality

Used in Radio Stations, TV studios and professional AV for audience and multi person, wireless monitoring.

No Latency or Delay

Digital devices suffer from lag or delay, meaning musicians and DJs struggle to keep time, and movie soundtracks can be out of sync with the picture. Donkey incorporates an RF transmission system to deliver near instant audio. Perfect if timing is important to you.

LED Input Visualisers

Instantly see that your audio is correctly connected, transmitting, playing in stereo and streaming loud enough on the 11 LED display.

Advanced Audio Processing

Internal Multiband Audio Processor to ensure great sounding, consistent audio levels - even if your DJ plays too loud or quiet Donkey helps achieve a pristine sound without distortion or sudden loud bursts.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU OE-FamilyPack
Number of Channels 1 Channel
Number of Headphones 4 Headphones
EAN 0820103724067