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Whilst we supply professional products to high end clients around the world, ever increasing numbers of people are finding our beautiful wireless audio solutions are perfect for home use. Basically anywhere you use speakers, you could use wireless headphones instead.

Unlike standard wireless headphones, lots of people can listen together, or switch between up to 4 choices of audio. You can't hear anyone else, and they can't hear you. We offer a choice of rechargeable or battery wireless headphones.

Home uses includes:
  • Watching TV - late at night.
  • Home Cinema - indoors or out.
  • Music - listening, fitness and parties.
  • Games Console - play PS4 or X Box in the same room silently.
  • Online - Enjoy music, skype and videos together.

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  • Home Party Package

    The Over Ear Home Party Pack is for having a Silent Disco (Headphone Party) at home.
    10 people can listen to music together on wireless headphones, and switch between 2 different playlists.

    The Class System includes:
    • 10 x Wireless LED Headphones
    • 2 x Transmitters
    • 1 x Recharging Cable
    • 1 x Cable Pack
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    Starting at: £424.87 Excl. Tax

  • Family Pack

    The Over Ear Family Pack allows 4 people to listen together to the same thing on the included wireless headphones.
    Enjoy a film, a playlist or play games together without disturbing neighbours.

    The Over Ear Family Pack includes:
    • 4 x Folding Black RF Wireless Headphones (Bob)
    • 1 x 3CH RF Transmitter (Donkey)
    • 1 x Cable Pack
    • 8 x AAA Alkaline Batteries
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    Starting at: £149.95 Excl. Tax

  • Care Home Package

    The Care Home package allows 10 people to listen to music on 1 channel. Learn More

    Starting at: £457.87 Excl. Tax

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