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Over Ear wireless headphones are used by many clients around the world to show films and presentations.
There are a number of reasons why these could be the perfect solution for you:

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No interference from noise pollution

We’ve helped clients with rooftop Cinemas or Outdoor Cinemas dramatically improve film enjoyment by providing wireless headphones so traffic and aircraft noise doesn’t disturb guests. On board some of the state of the art cruise ships, the huge outdoor LED screen is a magnificent experience. To avoid distraction from wind noise and nearby guests in the swimming pool, guests are issued with their own wireless headphones.

Even in a busy noisy environment like an exhibition, shopping centre or office, you can create your own island of tranquility. Your guests will block out everything else as they slip their wireless headphones on. It’s all eyes (and ears) on your screens and whatever you’re showing.

Keep the neighbours happy

One of our clients operated a seasonal outdoor cinema in beautiful gardens. The events were a huge success attracting 1000 people a night until neighbours decided they didn’t want to hear “Shakespeare in Love” at 11pm. Screenings were halted until our wireless headphones provided the solution. The same system has been used in Home Movie Theatres right up to massive outdoor events.

With individual volume controls, everyone can listen at the level they’re comfortable with. From a simple home set up with 1 or 2 headphones through to hundreds at once, it’s a no brainer. People want to be in control. Why strain to hear the film, or suffer from a blasting sound volume you don’t enjoy when you can have it just how you like it.

Perfect Sync

Listening on wireless headphones gives better synchronisation. Even in medium sized cinemas there is a small amount of perceivable delay between the action on the screen and the corresponding sound arriving at peoples ears.

The bigger screening area, the bigger the delay and more noticeable it becomes. Many of us have been to a stadium concert where the video on the LED screen seems so far out of sync its hard to believe it's live at all.

This problem is caused because sound travels at the speed of sound (pretty fast, but not as fast as light), and the image (and light) from the screens travels at the speed of light. Hence we see the image before we hear the sound. Audio transmitted to the Over Ear wireless headphones travels at the speed of light, with no delay for digital encoding. As such wireless headphones give better synchronisation.

Choose your own soundtrack

Over Ear wireless headphones are all capable of switching between different audio streams. Switching is immediate, and can be done by anyone at any time.

The different soundtracks are up to you, but some of our clients allow guests to choose between listening to a movie’s original soundtrack, or the director’s commentary.

You can also show a movie in 2 or 3 different languages simultaneously.

Using multiple channels, you can show several different movies on separate screens all within one room. You could even put the screens next to each other. Customers can choose what they’re watching and what they want to listen to. Spectacular events have been hosted in which an adult and a children’s movie are shown at the same time at opposite ends. Perfect for a whole family outing where everyone gets to watch what they want.

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  • Project System

    The Project System is an ideal solution for a variety of situations. Ten people can listen to the same thing at once, thanks to the included mains powered transmitter.
    The Project System includes:
    • 10 x Bob Wireless Folding Headphones
    • 1 x DonkeyTransmitter
    • 20 x AAA Alkaline Batteries
    • Power and Audio Cables
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    Starting at: £289.49 Excl. Tax

  • Class System

    The Class System is a complete wireless headphone solution for a classroom set up.. The Class System includes:
    • 40 x Bob Wireless Folding Headphones
    • 1 x Donkey Transmitters
    • 2 x Doug Storage Containers
    • 80 x AAA Alkaline Batteries
    • Power and Audio Cables
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    Starting at: £1,087.36 Excl. Tax

  • Exam System

    The Exam System is a popular solution to hosting listening exams in challenging environments.
    Up to 100 Candidates can simultaneously listen to a recording (or any audio). Each has their own volume control. The Exam System includes:
    • 100 x Bob Wireless Folding Headphones
    • 2 x Donkey Transmitters
    • 2 x Doug Storage Containers
    • 200 x AAA Alkaline Batteries
    • Power and Audio Cables
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    Starting at: £2,119.96 Excl. Tax

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