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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use my mobile phone, laptop or iPod for a Silent Disco?
Yes! You can pretty much connect anything that makes a sound to the Over Ear wireless headphone system.
Can I play podcasts, playlists, Spotify, Pandora or You Tube on my wireless headphones?
Yes! Anything that you could normally listen to on headphones or speakers can be connected to the transmitter and enjoyed by unlimited numbers of people using our wireless headphones. Make sure your playlist is available at your venue - for example check there is a reliable wifi connection for live streaming, or download the playlist to your local device to avoid the risk of disconnection
Can I use Over Ear wireless headphones to watch a film, TV, Netflix, Sky, DVD or Blu-Ray?
Yes! Just connect the audio output to the transmitter. Many TVs, DVD players and Blu-Ray devices have an audio output on the back. This is the best way to connect, but you can also use the headphone output. Check your specific device to make sure it has suitable output audio connections.

Headphones connected in this way can be useful if for example, one member of the family enjoys watching TV at a louder volume; or for someone to play an Xbox game without the whole room hearing the sound. They can also be used (with multiple transmitters set up) to enjoy different things in the same room - for example 3 people listening to a film, while someone else listens to the playstation.

Professionally, the Over Ear wireless headphone system is used by many outdoor cinemas. Wireless headphones means people can listen to the film without disturbing their neighbours. It also means that traffic, wind, aeroplanes and other noise pollution won’t interfere with the enjoyment of the film. Professional Cinemas also use the Over Ear system to show films in multiple languages simultaneously.

What is the Over Ear system?

The Over Ear system is an agreed standard to which all Over Ear equipment is made.
The advantages are:
1) Ease of use
Just switch on your headphones and they work. They automatically detect how many transmitters are in use at any time, and will only switch to live channels.

2) Future Proof
Buy headphones now, add more in a month or year.
You can start with one channel, and add a second or third in a year. Your existing headphones will automatically work with these - no reprogramming required.

3) Multi Product compatibility.
Start with any transmitter or headphone, and buy different ones infuser. They’ll all work together.
For example if you buy a Bob headphone now with a Donkey Transmitter, you could add a belt pack next month and an owl transmitter in a year.
With this set up you’d be able to listen to 2 channels of audio on both Bob and the belt pack.

How do I connect an iPod/laptop/mobile phone?

Just plug the audio cable into the headphone socket, and the other end into the transmitter. Choose your playlist, hit play and turn it up (your device should normally play at 70-100% of full power for optimum results) Audio cable is supplied

How do I connect a DJ?

Connect the master output of the DJ mixer to the transmitter with the supplied audio cable. This is normally where the amplifier is connected, and usually the transmitter connection will replace the amplifier connection. Most DJ mixers have Red and White RCA/Phono outputs. If your DJ mixer has XLR or 1/4” Jack outputs you’ll need an adapter. You can also connect to the record output or DJ booth output to the transmitter.

How do I connect a band?

The transmitter should be connected to the output of the master mixer (which all the instruments and microphones are connected to). You can also use the Aux or Bus outputs particularly if you wish to mix different elements for the headphones.

How do I connect a P.A? (ie microphone for a guest speaker at a conference)

The microphone should be set up through a mixing desk as with a traditional loudspeaker set up. Connect the transmitter to the audio output instead of the amplifier. Extra devices (such a multiple microphones or laptops) should also be connected to the mixer.

How many Silent Disco headphones can I connect at once?

You can connect an unlimited number of headphones and receivers at once without any loss in signal, sound degradation or delay.

Is there latency on the system?

No, there is considered to be zero latency on the system. Unlike digital systems which require processing time to encode then decipher signals, the Over Ear system uses wireless RF technology. This conveys signals throughout the chain at the speed of light resulting in no perceptible delay in hearing audio.



How big is Bob?

Box size is 125mm x 125mm x 100mm
Folded - 130mm wide, 80mm deep, 130mm high
Unfolded - 150mm wide, 180mm high, 800mm deep

How much does Bob weigh?

Boxed - 240g
Unboxed - 195g (no batteries)
Unboxed - 215g (with batteries)

What batteries does Bob use?

Bob needs 2 x AAA batteries. We recommend using alkaline (they last longer and are less prone to leakage)

How long do batteries last?

Alkaline batteries typically last 15-20 hours at full volume. This can vary by product, age etc.

Can I use rechargeable batteries with Bob wireless headphones?

Yes! You just need 2 x AAA batteries for each headphone. Remember to keep some spare batteries as back up in case they run out, and allow time for recharging them after use. You will also need a charger for the batteries.

How many Bob headphones fit in Doug (storage container)?

When folded and packed in rows of 5 x 4, Doug can carry 60 x Bob headphones at once (3 rows of 20).


How big is Harry?

Box size - 215mm 160mm 90mm
Unboxed - 180mm wide, 150mm high, 800mm deep

How much does Harry weigh?

Boxed - 295g
Unboxed - 215g

What batteries does Harry use?

Harry has an internal Lithium battery (600ma, 3.7v)

How many charge cycles will the battery in Harry last?

Harry contains a Lithium Ion battery with an expected life cycle of 500-1500 charge cycles.

Is the battery in Harry replaceable?

Yes! The batteries can be replaced with an equivalent type.

Do you supply replacement batteries for Harry?

Yes! These are a stock item.

How do I replace the battery in Harry?

Clip open the side (gently prize open the logo disc on the left ear/charger port side).
Unplug the battery, replace with a suitable alternative.

What can I do to preserve the battery in Harry?

Best practice for Lithium Ion batteries in wireless headphones is to avoid heat and optimise charge cycles.
High temperatures can reduce the capacity of a Lithium Ion battery.
Waiting 'til 0% power reduces the number of charge cycles available.

How long does Harry's charge last?

Harry's charge lasts 8 to 12 hours if fully charged. It is best practice to charge Harry within 7 days of your event to maximise charge.

What accessories are supplied with Harry?

Each headphone includes a USB charge cable (for connecting to laptop/wall USB socket).

Are the ear pads replaceable?

Yes! We supply spares from SDK Sales.

How many Harry headphones fit in Doug (storage container)?

Approximately 35


How big is Doug?

Doug is 40 x 60 x 30 x cm.

Can Doug be stacked?

Yes! Doug is designed to be stackable and, subject to safe handling, can be stacked up to 7 units high.
In this configuration a floor space of 1.2m x 1.2m can accommodate 2520 Bob headphones.

What are the features of Doug?
  • Fitted lid means it doesn’t get lost, and each box folds securely.
  • Easy to secure with cable ties or security tags.
  • Clear Identification- Logo Space. Flat surfaces on both sides for big branding.
  • Document Holder on the end - for invoices and customs paperwork.
  • A5 delivery label fits perfectly on the other end
  • Warehouse ID can be attached to the flat surface on the lid.

  • Perfect Fit for Bob headphones. When folded, Bob headphones fit exactly in rows of 20 (4x5), and stay in place in transit. Rows can be stacked 2 or 3 high. Maximum capacity is 60 bob headphones)
  • Cleans Easily - use a hose and soap or white spirit as needed. No awkward crevices.
  • Easy Stack - when full, the lip on each box secures the box above, creating more robust, safe stacks.
  • When empty, boxes can be stacked with lids open to save space.
  • Long term, robust use. Doug should give you years of great service, and look smart at each event.

Silent Disco

Is Silent Disco suitable for children?

Yes and kids love it! You can control the “master volume” by turning down the audio input to the transmitter. This means that the maximum volume any headphone can receive is limited. Both Bob and Harry have adjustable headbands and are regularly used by people of all ages. The Ned belt packs allow connection of any wired headphones (for example use your own favourite headphones with a cable).

Silent Disco is often a great option to allow diversity of music, for example pop, nursery rhyme or fun playlists for kids and different genres for adults.
Over Ear wireless headphones are also used to play children stories during mealtimes, or video games and movies without disturbing other people in the same room.

How do I keep my Silent Disco headphones clean?

We recommend the use of antibacterial wipes at regular intervals and between uses.

How do I transport my Silent Disco headphones to a gig or event?

We recommend using robust stackable storage containers, such as Doug, or flight cases to protect your headphones.

What is the best song for a Silent Disco?

The Killers - 'Mr Brightside' is officially the best Silent Disco Anthem ever.

SDK Sales

Why should I buy from SDK Sales?

Silent Disco King started selling headphones in 2009 and is trusted by leading global brands including the BBC, HSBC, Glastonbury Festival, Red Bull, The Science Museum and many more.

As well as being the longest established Silent Disco supplier, Silent Disco King is rated number one on eBay and Amazon for customer service and volume of sales.

Our repeat customers appreciate that Silent Disco King carries more stock and a bigger variety of wireless audio systems than anyone else in the world. That means you can expand your system, buy extra items and get hold of spares anytime without worrying.

Silent Disco King provides tried and tested systems of Silent Disco headphones and solutions for educational and corporate events. Our team is experienced in selecting, setting up and using all the systems we sell. You can call upon our expert knowledge 24 hours a day.

Can I get a discount?

Yes! Use the code FAQNERD at checkout we’ll knock 5% off as a thank you for reading this far. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!

Do you price match?

We work hard to offer you the lowest off-the-shelf prices, and guarantee the lowest like-for-like price anywhere in the world on Over Ear Wireless Systems.
We can also offer competitive packages for any similar system.
Please call or email our team and we’ll get straight back to you.

Do you do hires and events?

Yes! You can contact any member of our team for details, or see our sister company for more information.

Are you VAT registered?

Yes! Our VAT number is on our about page.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! You are welcome to come to our sales warehouse in Southampton. We’d be pleased to set up and demonstrate any of our equipment.
Please arrange visits in advance so we can make sure we’ve got our pants on!

What if my system isn’t suitable?

You can return your system for a full refund within 14 days. Contact us and we will send you a returns label so your return is processed properly.

Do I get a guarantee?

Yes! All equipment sold by SDK Sales comes with a full 2 year guarantee for manufacturing and design defects.
You can return equipment to us for repair or replacement if it develops a fault caused by a design or manufacturing defect. Contact us and we will send you a returns label so your return is processed properly.

International Sales

Do you deliver Silent Disco Equipment to Uruguay, Kazakhstan or anywhere…?

Yes! SDK Sales deliver Wireless Headphone systems all over the world. We have accounts with all major delivery companies, including UPS, Fed EX and DHL. We’ll send headphones anywhere they deliver.

What countries have you delivered headphones to?

SDK Sales deliver Wireless Headphone systems all over the world. At the time of writing, SDK Sales has supplied headphones to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Cyprus Romania, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, Mexico, USA, Canada, Uruguay, Dubai, Brazil, South Korea and we're sure a few more we've forgotten!

Will I have to pay customs charges?

For International Sales outside of the EC, it is possible that you will have to pay import duty to customs when goods arrive.
This is typically 2-12% of the declared shipping value, and will usually be handled by our shipping agent (i.e Fed Ex; DHL etc)
For more information contact our team.


Delivery & Shipping

If items are shown as available online at SDKSales, they are almost certainly in stock.
Orders received by 2pm are usually dispatched same day. UK delivery time.

Estimated delivery times:

  • UK - 1 - 2 days
  • Europe 2-4 days
  • USA 2-4 days
  • Asia - 5 days
  • Russia - 7-14 days
  • Africa - 7 days
  • Middle East 3-6 day