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Party In The Paddock

Party In The Paddock
July 24, 2019

We're moving into new and uncharted territory this summer. We can now add Horse Racing to our extensive CV.

The West End show 'Thriller Live' headed to Newmarket Racecourse and we got in on the action by providing a Silent Disco during the days racing before the performance for those that needed a break from the action.

On course music events have been taking place in the evenings for several years now and we solve the problem of not being able to have music during the day as our system won't scare the horses, leaving them calm, in the zone and ready to win you big bucks. Or not.

We could do an on race course Silent Disco before (or after) Craig Neigh-vid, Mr. Ed. Sheeran or Shergar-y Barlow.

Aren't puns great?