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Lowlands Highintensity

Lowlands Highintensity
August 20, 2019

We went back to Holland to power the biggest Silent Disco the World has ever seen.

We're not making that up either. We were at Lowlands with 30,000 headphones to light up the massive arena with 3 channels of music keeping the festival goers moving until sunrise. What a great way to warm up the night before the official Friday opening...

30,000 headphones would fill the O2 Arena, and have enough to half fill it again.

5 things we learned at Lowlands 2019:

1. It doesn't take long to hand out 30,000 headphones when you've got a crack team.

2. The higher off the ground you can get the better the Silent Disco experience, apparently. People were EVERYWHERE. If you could climb it, dance on it, was the motto...

3. Mr Brightside is still the Number 1 go-to Silent Disco Anthem (for the 10th year running).

4. Drake is seemingly quite difficult to dance to, but that doesn't stop people having a go.

Credit: Instagram @lowlands_fest

5. Silent Disco really is the most fun you can have to start a festival.

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