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7 Silent Disco Christmas Party ideas Yule Love

7 Silent Disco Christmas Party ideas Yule Love
September 20, 2019

It is nearing the end of September and the bells are already ringing out for Christmas Day.

As we countdown for Christmas the water cooler chats have already started about the works Christmas Party.

Maybe all you want for Christmas is to not get stuck with 'Simon' that only talks about the weather and his love for stamps.

To avoid situations with 'Simon', consider Silent Disco for your office Christmas party.

Silent Disco will make your Christmas Party spectacular and give colleagues and clients an event they'll be talking about for years after.

Here's a few ideas to get you into the holiday spirit:

  1. Silent Disco Ice Skating - For the daredevils
  2. Christmas Silent Disco - For the ones that like to let go
  3. Christmas Silent Disco Tour - For the curious ones
  4. Silent Disco Festive Treasure Hunt - For the competitive ones
  5. Christmas Silent Cinema Showing of Elf (or 'It's a Wonderful Life') - For the chilled ones
  6. Silent Disco Christmas Yoga - For those looking to escape
  7. The Anti-Christmas Silent Disco - For the 'Grinchy' ones

'Step into Christmas' with party plans sorted. At least you'll be 'driving home for Christmas' knowing you've delivered an event that was much better than 'Last Christmas'.

Merry Xmas Everybody!